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  • VITIUK, Alexandr; ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    This article presents information on the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also known as an energy saving light, or less commonly as a compact fluorescent tube (CFT).
  • CHIŢAC, G.; ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2013)
    Lucrarea de faţă prezintă o serie de activităţi didactice cu caracter ludic, destinate să faciliteze asimilarea vocabularului specializat la cursul de limbă străină. În prezent, diversitatea metodelor şi procedeelor ...
  • ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2014)
    Prezentul articol abordează principalul mijloc de control al nivelului de însușire al materialului predat, de dezvoltare a deprinderilor și priceperilor de formare a competențelor de comunicare, formarea principiilor și ...
  • AZAROV, Ana; ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    Metrology is the science of measurement, which comprises both experimental and theoretical measurements and determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology. The intricate and mostly invisible ...
  • COJOCARU, Ion; ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2009)
    A solar updraft tower power plant – sometimes also called „solar chimney‟ or just „solar tower‟ – is a solar thermal power plant utilizing a combination of solar air collector and central updraft tube to generate a solar ...
  • SUNTOV, Denis; ABABII, M. (Tehnica UTM, 2010)
    Superconductors, materials that have no resistance to the flow of electricity, are one of the last great frontiers of scientific discovery. A Superconductor is a material that will conduct electricity without resistance ...

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